Working closely with a designer, I enjoyed leading the interface design for a new line of "Gamefield" games. All the buttons, meters, and gold plates were modular for theme customization as with the "Goldfish" theme here which I also contributed to (logo design).
These simple "Star Trek Battlestations" boards help visualize UI components across multiple screens which was part of the challenge.
Early concepts of the ship hierarchy and placement accounting for edge-case possibilities. Ships were 3D in final.
The following are various top and bottom screen images of the final interface I created as part of the team.

"Speed Spins" was a game that called for a unique reel array as part of it's design. It was also part of a new product that needed new buttons/meters so I worked on both components in tandem. The following are couple alternate ideas during development:
This became the final look and template I supplied for future potential future "Speed Spins" games.
I also created various meter animations as part of the whole package. This image explains implementation notes for the programmer.
Final game art fater some final adjustments.
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